Podiatrist Birmingham


If you are suffering from from pain you need to visit a foot expert, your Gp may not me the most appropriate person to meet. If you live in Birmingham then you need to visit a podiatrist in Birmingham.

If you are suffering from conditions such as plantar fasciitis or heel pain then you need to visit a clinic that can offer a wide variety of treatment options such as injection treatment, shockwave treatment, orthotics which can be custom or semi bespoke orthotics.

Other conditions such as fungus nails and verrucas can also be treated by a birmingham podiatrist.

Verucas can be treated with either cryotherapy which is freezing the verruca at a very low temperature with liquid nitrogen, acid treatment and even swift microwave treatment. Verrucas are caused by the HPV-1 virus and can cause considerable discomfort and pain. The skin lesion is often acquired form swimming baths and changing rooms. Often these lesions can spread and can lead to multiple verrucas or mosaic verrucas.

Fungus nails occur due to dermatophytes and yeasts and often occur due to athletes foot or tinea pedis not be treated effectively. Fungus nails can be treated efficiently by a Birmingham podiatrist with laser treatment,